Plastic Bottle Recycling Symbols


The Plastic Bottle Material Code System was designed to be easy to read at a glance and distinguishable from any other marking on the bottom of a container. The symbol consists of a triangle formed by three "chasing arrows", with a specific number in the center that indicates the plastic resin from which the bottle is made.

Here are several of the most popular file formats including AutoCad® and Adobe® formats for the plastic resin symbols. These are high quality bitmap and vector formats that may be suitable for most art, tracing and machining needs. By acquiring this art you agree to the disclaimer below.

File types available: (Click file name, each file contains all 7 symbols) (456k)
recycle-resin-logos.dxf (947k) (155k Zip)

recycle-resin-logos.sitx (104k Sit)
recycle-resin-logos.pdf (894k)
recycle-resin-logos.tif (722k Zip) (68k)

You may also right-click on the recycle images below and choose 'save picture as' .

PETE plastic bottle HDPE plastic bottles Polyvinyl Chloride plastic bottle LDPE plastic bottles
Polypropylene plastic bottle Polystyrene plastic bottle Other plastic bottle  


More on recycling symbols may be found at

For additional usage information on plastic packaging resins visit the American Plastics Council web site.

Recycling Symbols may be downloaded here:

Recycle Logos Downoads

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