About the company

Providing Packaging design and collateral marketing materials for Over 20 years

At Packaging Graphics, we understand that the key to designing a successful display, blister card or clamshell header card package involves a variety of design elements. Not only do the graphics, color choices, and shape need to convey the right feeling with shoppers, but they must be distinctive enough to stand out on a cluttered shelf.

We likewise consult in packaging sell-copy as well as the visual design. Insisting on well thought-out, poignant POP ad copy... this is very important as there is often a very short time to catch the eye of the customer. Add to this the typical limited package space, and the challenge becomes communicating your product benefits in concise, motivating, short copy points.

From concept through production Packaging Graphics can take charge of part or all of your design project. Our creative design and production resources rely on years of experience to provide you with superior service and value.

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