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At Packaging Graphics, we understand that the key to designing a successful blister card or clamshell header card package involves a variety of design elements. Not only do the graphics, color choices, and shape need to convey the right feeling with shoppers, but they must be distinctive enough to stand out on a cluttered shelf.

The advertising copy that you use should also be very well thought out as there is a very limited amount of room on most of these products. It is important to remember that people want benefits and not features and that short bullet copy can sometimes be all that people read. We excel in packaging sell-copy as well as visual design.

Standing Out from the Crowd
Lawrence Lures®

In order to get this client's lure to stand out from the competition, we abandoned the standard clamshell package design and went to a blister pack with a unique "water" theme shape.

Informative Clamshell Packaging Design
Aspire Fitness Products®

When this client turned from mail order sales to retail, they needed a way to incorporate fairly extensive operating instructions into the package. By designing a folding header card, Packaging Graphics eliminated the need to include a small manual by printing the information on the back of the card.
Many uses for Carded Packaging Design
Whether as a peg hook hanger, insert or fold & staple header card - Packaging Graphics has designed and executed many beautiful and functional designs using this versatile medium.
One of our greatest strengths is understanding our customers manufacturing
process to ensure efficient and cost effective package assembly.

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Due to the extensive volume of packaging that we design, we have teamed up with some great partners to provide our clients the best prices on all of their blister card packaging and plastic packaging needs. And best of all, we can handle all of the very important pre-press or pre-manufacturing details which can help make a world-class product offering that your sales people will be proud to sell!

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