Over 200 design ideas, presented one to a page with before and after illustrations

My purpose in writing Roger C. Parker's One-Minute Designer was to make the highest level of design information as accessible as possible.

Simple and direct
Most design books fail because they're long on theory and short on example. My One-Minute Designer is the exception. Each page contains a premise-setting headline accompanied by no more than twenty-five lines of text.

The remaining space on the page is devoted to two large before and after illustrations that illustrate the principle being discussed. Call-outs and captions drive home the information in the illustrations.

Who should read this book
Roger C. Parker's One-Minute Designer is an ideal tool for anyone with an interest in quickly mastering the tools necessary to effectively promoting their business or their association using print communications.

Anyone who prepares ads, brochures or newsletters can instantly learn what they need to improve their publications one detail at a time.

The One-Minute Designer provides print designers with a quick revioew of the basic concepts that are often forgotten in the continuing haste to meet the next deadline.

All of the worksheets and checklists, including the comprehensive Preflight Checklist, are available on this website in three different formats:

  • Web pages (for immediate printout)
  • Adobe Acrobat .PDF files
  • Word .DOC files

These pre-production and post-production worksheets enhance the value of Roger C. Parker's One-Minute Designer as a teaching tool.


Section 1  Planning

Section 2  Page Layout

Section 3  Display Type

  •   Headlines          
  •   Subheads          
  •   Pull quotes        

Section 4  Body Copy   

  •   Typeface and type size
  •   Line spacing              
  •   Paragraphs
  •   Initial caps
  •   Punctuation
  •   Hyphenation and justification
  •   Lists, symbols, and special characters

Section 5  Visuals

  •   Photographs and captions
  •   Information graphics
  •   Tables
  •   Charts and graphs
Section 6  Graphic Accents

Section 7  Color 

Section 8  Project Specific Hints

  •   Ads and flyers
  •   Books and documentation
  •   Brochures
  •   Business communications
  •   Newsletters 
  •   Presentation visuals
  •   Resumes


What others have said
There's no time for theory when you're on deadline and have to finish a job fast. Roger C. Parker's One-Minute Designer is invaluable because it permits you to quickly locate the information you need and shows you how to put it to work.
Claudyne Wilder
Boston educator

William Strunkg and E.B. White would be proud. Finally someone has done for desktop publishing what The Elements of Style did for writing...Read it, teach it, and use it.
Rob Lebow
Former Director of Corporate Communictions at Microsoft

A compentium of fundamental insights vital to anyone using words in print.
Jan V. White
author, educator, Editing by Design













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